An augmented reality tool to create in-situ procedural 2D/3D AR Instructions [DIS2021]

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Shape Structuralizer

Design, Fabrication, and User-driven Iterative Refinement of 3D Mesh Models [CHI2019]

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VR from X

From Scanned Reality to Interactive Virtual Experience with Human-in-the-Loop [CHI-EA2021]

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[Acccepted CSCW2022] ColabAR

A Toolkit for Remote Collaboration in Tangible Augmented Reality Laboratories [Paper link available soon]

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An End-to-End Pipeline from Design to Fabrication of Customized Functional HandWearables [IMWUT/Ubicomp2021]

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A Customizable Soft Sensor with Real-time Continuous Contact and Stretching Sensing [UIST2017]

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VR Micromanipulators

Towards a Comprehensive and Robust Micromanipulation System with Force-Sensing and VR Capabilities [Micromachines2021]